Any person will wantto have a good time once in a while including going out with friends to have a drink or just to party. It is recommended that you take a cab or have a sober friend drive you home in case you drink past the recommended limit. This is usually for your own personal safety as well as the safety of other road users. You may decide to chase your luck and drive home but you run the risk of being arrested and charged for Driving under Influence, DUI or Driving while Intoxicated depending on the state. There are serious consequences if charged with DUI as you may have to settle hefty court fines, lose your driving license or even have your insurance premiums raised. The following is what you should do if arrested for DUI.

Find an attorney

This should always be the first thing to do if arrested for DUI. It is just like any other offense and if convicted you may end up losing a lot of resources and time. You should never be fooled into pleading guilty so as to finish the case quickly as you may just be slapped with shocking penalties. Hire a DUI Defense attorney to help you argue your case.


Why you need an attorney

A DUI Defense attorney will help you put up a strong defense that will most probably have the charges reduced or dropped altogether. There are very many defenses available for the DUI offenders and these defense attorneys know all about them. Depending on your circumstances, an attorney will evaluate everything and take the appropriate steps. This applies for both first time offenders and repeated offenders.

There are various procedures that are supposed to be followed in the justice system for any charge to be sustained. You may not have this knowledge but a Criminal Defense attorney will know what is required, and will surely raise an objection in case of any violations. In every situation, there must be a way to protect you from the effects of drunk driving conviction, and only defense attorneys know how to identify them.


A DUI defense attorney has experience standing before the court and therefore they cannot be intimidated by the judges or the jury. In fact, they convincing skills and abilities to turn the jury in your favor. If you decide to face the court alone, you are at risk of being intimidated and you will end up accepting any ruling easily.

There are some attorneys like Birmingham DUI defense who have dedicated their offices and time to handling DUI cases solely. This is a very good thing for clients as they get to receive maximum attention and dedication from their attorney. Never again suffer in silence when you can always get a defense attorney to protect you.

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